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Energy Storage


LiFePO4 battery solution in Wind and Solar hybrid energy storage system :

Optimum energy storage solution has found their application in wind and solar hybrid generation and spare energy storage solution. It has many advantages, such as good safety performance, long cycle life, low cost, light weight, smaller size, suitable for abroad working condition.


     n The main application areas :


Sample Picture



Cooperate with Urban construction management organization of Nigeria to develop 24V 45Ah city municipal for wind and solar street lamp demonstration project, to alleviate energy shortage.



The Backup power system for energy storage power station

220V 3000Ah

Off-Grid Photovoltaic Power Generation System


Solar residential photovoltaic power generation system



Small Spare Energy Storage solution :

Optimum small spare energy storage solution has found their application in solar power system, wind power system, home energy storage system, army spare power source, medical movable UPS, electrical tools etc. The reason why optimum solution solved the problem different load can not be supported by the source is that it suitable for sensitive loads, could support all kinds of load.


       n Application superiority : 

ØProlonging battery’s cycle life effectively through intelligent automatic fast conversion function

ØAutomaticallystart charging battery when grid party supplied after battery power off through unattended function

ØEnsuring application running smoothly through over/low voltage grid party protection

ØPerfect and reliable protection on over currentEquipped with protection on over discharging, short circuit, dropping, squeezing, heating and penetrating.  


Sample Picture



Army Spare Power Source


Medical Movable


Home Energy Storage System


Electrical tools: Industrial robots, Vacuum cleaner, etc.


Emergency lighting: Outdoor billboard, Lawn Light, Miner's lamp, etc.

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