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Corporate Culture

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OPTIMUM Principle

n Joint;Improve;Breakthrough;Perfect



n Honest;Responsible;Intelligent;Dedicative


Quality Policy

n People-oriented; technology leadership

n Quality assurance; commitment to global




New Energy Mission

n The same volume, the higher energy, and the lighter weight

n The same energy, the smaller, and the lower price

n The same price, the safer, the farther voyage



n Strive to build the best living environment of human!




People’s Spirit in OPTIMUM



n I am potential—My personal potential is hidden, there will be a rich fruits as long as working hard.

n I hope—I am young and full of passion. Just go all out, rather than the best, everything is possible.

n I love—I love my colleagues, my upper and lower levels, and concern for others.

n I am well-balanced—I am confident and positive. Never give up and have a strong desire to work.

n I have lofty goals—I come to our company not only for themselves, but to individual and team growth.




Thanksgiving Culture



n Thanks for my customer, he gave me a chance and he had to feed my family;

n Thanks for my leader, he teach me how to survive;

n Thanks for OPTIMUM, he gave me the platform and played myself.




Strategy Points

n Guide to the market and the technology must keep up with

n Be security and must be qualified

n Technology breakthroughs, butno additional cost

n Products improved, but no additional charge


Management Strategy: The six tertiary make the beautiful world with “Lithium” to be true


n Dedicative: Professional contribution to the new energy environmental protection batteries

n Concentrative: Concentrate on green Lithium Iron Phosphate career

n Attentive:  Focusing on Cylindrical Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

n Professional: Do the Cylindrical Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries professionally, pursuing of excellence, continuously developing, mastering better material, equipment and the knowledge and need of working clothes

n Intellectual Property: Mastering the core independent intellectual property

n Management Systems:To build the unique and effective management system


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