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OptimumNano Battery Makes Breaktrhough in EVs Popularization

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Replenishing the new energy vehicles is dependent on charging them. Up to now, 140 fixed charging stations have been set up in Shenzhen to meet more than 6300 vehicles in the market. If 5000 more electric buses will have been put on the market as planned in 2015,it means the governments will have to vacate70 pieces of land to strength charging stations network distribution. However, we can say that this mobile charging vehicle coming out can eliminate the root drawback, which means that we can eliminate the bottleneck of using electric buses in a large scale.


Data show that during 2009-2012 China New Energy Vehicle Demonstration, OPTIMUMNANO motive power battery domestic market share ranked the third in this industry.


So far, our products have been sold to 31 domestic provinces and more than 40 countries around 6 continents. OptimumNano will expand the production capacity this year by innovative business and application models. Now our new factory district is ready and what matters most is the "following wind" from the market.(its market requirement and government support)



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