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The overview of Optimum LiFePo4 battery pack products >


Optimum adapting an international mature cylindrical structure design and produce high consistency and stability Lithium ion phosphate battery by using the optimal battery material and processing receipt. At present the company research and development main single LiFePo4 cell IFR3265 capacity is between 5-6AH,from the first generation 5AH,to the second generation 5.5AH,to the moment the third generation 6AH.With the capacity increased continuously, the single cell the highest weight ratio up to 130Wh/kg, and the highest volume ratio up to 336WH/L. At the same time with the technology innovation and process improvement, the battery consistency was enhanced greatly. It can up to 4000 cycles and the service life up to 10 years under 100% DOD.

On this basis, we can provide power battery pack & storage energy battery & car starting system integration and a series and high efficiency lithium ion phosphate system solution with reliable structure design and powerful function of battery management system, which are mainly used for new energy automobile power system, mobile emergency power supply system, large energy storage backup power system and other fields.

Besides, Our company also produce 26650,22650,18650 and other types LiFePOo4 cells for emergency lighting and other small energy storage.



Lithium iron phosphate batteries high safety crystal structure >


The crystallization of the lithium iron phosphate material is an olivine structure, all oxygen atoms binding with the phosphorus atom tough a strong covalent bond to form PO43,Even in the fully charged state, oxygen is kept well. It have an excellent stability and safety performance.

It stable performance can up to 400-500 ℃ under high temperature(when abused it release less capacity in high temperature, which keep its interior good safety performance, thus it would not get exploded or burned under overcharging, overheating, short circuit and clash.

LiFePO4 battery has good thermal stability when heating and there is less oxidation of the electrolyte,it improved LiFePO4 battery's tolerance to overcharge,compared with other batteries.



Optimum Lithium iron phosphate battery product series >


These three images are cells, modules and finished products respectively, which were linked to cells, modules, finished products pages.

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